did nursing choose anyone you know?

Making a nurse is like making the perfect toasted marshmallow!

It takes time and patience and being rolled over hot coals.  It may occasionally heat up and start to burn, but it is always saved from burning by a gentle breath.  In the end, it forms a tough, outer shell, while maintaining that soft, warm, core.

Whether you are a new graduate or a nurse who answered the call many years ago… or are thinking about being a nurse… or are just curious to read more about what being a nurse is like.. the book, “Nursing Chose Me: Called to an Art of Compassion” by Karen Reichel Smith DNP is an engaging, funny, heartwarming, and interesting read for all!

  • What is life as a nurse like?
  • What is it like to know that a little mistake at work could be deadly?
  • Where do Nurse Practitioners come from and why do patients like them as well as or better than their physician?
  • Why are bright, talented, high achieving Nurses and Nurse Practitioners proud to be “just” a nurse?
  • Did nursing choose you too?