what is it like to be a nurse?

You’ve seen the movie that shows the nurse assessing patients, giving medications, doing treatments, running the floor, then standing at the side of the doctor, nodding.

But being a nurse is much more than just a “job” with a paycheck.

The world of a nurse can be surreal.

A nurse might spend hours struggling to keep a patient alive, drenched in a stranger’s foul odorous debris, then go home to a family whose biggest worry is what’s for dinner.

Or get the finger from a passing driver because they were distracted while driving home, reliving a code on an child that ended with a miraculous save.

Nurses must live with the knowledge that their own peace is fleeting and temporary.  Nurses are acutely aware that life is messy and unfair.  They wash the feet of unclean souls and hold the hands of their victims.  Nurses see firsthand how some people suffer with pain that can’t be controlled.  And nurses all know that one day, someone else’s fate will be theirs.  Nurses never get to see life through the illusion rose colored lenses.

“I want to thank the millions of nurses who put their heart and soul into the care of patients every hour of every day, year after year, crisis after crisis, shortage after shortage, with or without breaks, brow beaten defenders of patient needs… my soul mates.” — Excerpt from Nursing Chose Me.




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