why I wrote this book

I’ve worked with incredible nurses over the years and just recently came to realize that many of my esteemed colleagues were hiding a deep feeling of self-doubt!

Though all basic nursing education is similar, each nurse has different patient experiences and develops different skill sets. It is natural to observe our fellow nurses as more competent and more skilled when they know how to handle something we had no clue about!  As we watch their confidence level rise, ours plummets!

Especially when you live in fear of making that one fatal mistake…

I wrote this book to tell OUR story —

  • Our shared insecurity as new graduates.
  • The daunting responsibility as a licensed nurse.
  • The humbling nature of our role in a field of constant change and mutual critique.
  • How nurses have ALWAYS found a way to transcend the oppressive work environments to deliver the compassionate care they are called to provide…

that “YES” I am JUST a nurse

— because nursing is not for sissies!



  1. I just bought your book after sadly finding out you had moved south. I miss you tremendously. And I wish you the best with your family and future. Can’t wait to read. Much love. Xxoo


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