patience with patients

If a man’s best friend is his dog, 

and a dog’s best friend is another dog..

What does that say about us humans?

Perhaps we all need to learn something from our furry friends.

Dogs never stop forgiving.  No matter what we do, how awful we behave, how bad we smell, and even if we forget them, they love us anyway.

Dogs are natures best examples of pure love.

As nurses, we are called to forgive our patients and families.

When they are hurting,  scared, lonely, confused, or in pain, they are not always nice.  They can be annoying, loud, messy, obstinate, demanding, and difficult to please — even when it appears as though they could behave better.  And don’t forget, people with mental health issues get “sick” too — often destabilizing their “other” problems.

Thoughts for building patience with patients..

We will get drained emotionally when we try to work in our own natural strength — we are not dogs!   Apart from Christ we can do nothing.

When refreshed and renewed by the spirit, we can work in HIS strength.

We are doing God’s work.  Trust him.

Our God is greater than any difficult patient or situation!

God says:  Give me some of your time and effort and watch what I do with it!

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Some extra anecdotes for fun…

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