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Image“I became a nurse by accident.”

What began as a career misstep evolved into a journey that was unexpectedly challenging and fulfilling, at times daunting, and often humbling.

Dr. Karen Reichel Smith has four decades of experience as a nurse in a wide variety of settings;  as a hospital nurse, a nursing professor, a Family Nurse Practitioner in primary care, and a Family Psychiatric Mental Health in private practice and currently works full-time as a Psychiatric Hospitalist in Charleston, South Carolina.

She is a graduate of Wagner College (BSN), Sage Graduate School (MSN & FNP) and SUNY Binghamton (NPP & DNP).

A lifelong avid writer of music, drama and professional journal articles and teaching materials, the book Nursing Chose Me: Called to an Art of Compassion is the culmination of years of journaling throughout her career.

The nursingchoseme.com website is devoted to encouraging nurses, reminding them that because they are called by God to serve, they don’t have to do it all in their own strength!

She and her husband Chuck, share a passion for children’s Christian music ministry and musical dramas.  For more information, check out their latest original music videos at  Oh Pray! Productions.

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