I’ve worked with incredible nurses over the years, each with different patient experiences and skill sets. We stand in awe, humbled by those nurses at our side, often not seeing our own strengths!  Confidence corroded by fear of making that one fatal mistake.

I wrote this book to tell OUR story —

  • Our shared insecurity as new graduates.
  • The daunting responsibility as a licensed nurse.
  • The humbling nature of our role in a field of constant change and mutual critique.
  • How nurses have ALWAYS found a way to transcend the oppressive work environments to deliver the compassionate care they are called to provide…

that “YES” I am JUST a nurse

— because nursing is not for sissies!

Whether you are a new graduate or a nurse who answered the call many years ago… or are thinking about being a nurse… or are just curious to read more about what being a nurse is like.. the book, “Nursing Chose Me: Called to an Art of Compassion” by Karen Reichel Smith DNP is an engaging, funny, heartwarming, and interesting read for all!

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