What to do when you are getting depressed…     

** Get help as soon as you can.

** Include fun, enjoyable activities in your day.

** Break down large tasks into smaller parts.

**Give yourself credit for anything you do, even small tasks!

**Get emotional support from a friend or family member.

**Cuddle with someone periodically.

**Talk to an understanding person as often as you need.  It is okay to talk about anything and get as emotional as you want!

**Listen to and help someone else.

**Exercise daily – whatever you can muster to do; walk, run, bike, swim.

**Maximize your sunlight exposure or use full spectrum light indoors.

**Eliminate sugar, caffeine and junk food.  

**Get dressed – put on something that makes you feel good.

**Ready a funny book or watch funny movie every day.

Remember depression passes…. live one day at a time!!

If you suffer from intermittent depression, plan in advance how you want to be treated and tell others.   If you are trying to help someone you know, these suggestions may help.

How do people want to be treated when they have depression?

1.  Respect what they want done or not done for them.

2.  With love, patience, tolerance, and compassion.

3.  Provide for their safety, physically and emotionally.

4.  Pray for them and touch them if desired; hugs and back rubs.

5.  Decrease demands on them.

6.  Offer them ideas of what they can do when they can’t make decisions.

7.  Encourage, nurture and uplift them.

How do people with depression not want to be treated?

1.    Blamed for what they can’t help; scolded, punished.

2.    Be humiliated.

3.    Deserted.

4.    Have undue demands placed on them.

5.    Be told to get their act together, pull themselves up by their bootstraps, or cheer up!

            (Increases sense of hopelessness)

6.    Pressure them to go out.

7.    Be made fun of.

8.    Be avoided.

9.    Given sympathy.

10.  Force them to talk.

Mind what you put in your mouth as it affects your mind!

Excessive Caffeine Impact: irritability, insomnia, anxiety, shaky, restless, headache, nervous, jittery, pounding heart, sluggish, overstimulation, hyperactivity.

Excessive Processed Sugar Impact: fatigue, agitated, increased depression, mood instability, hyperactive, rapid pulse, distorted anxiety.