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Nursing is not for everyone, and it is a huge commitment of time and effort to become one.   As a former nursing educator, it was not uncommon to see new nursing students freeze when they suddenly realized just what nursing really was going to be like.  Now that many colleges delay the nursing courses to the junior year, this can be a costly decision.

“Nursing Chose Me: Called to an Art of Compassion” is a first person narrative that chronicles the journey of a nurse from fledgling new graduate RN, to nursing faculty, to confident Nurse Practitioner.

Told in stories, humorous and heartwarming, students considering nursing will get a realistic view of the nursing culture and discover the career of nursing as one filled with possibilities and opportunities!

 Please consider adding Nursing Chose Me:  Called to an Art of Compassion by Dr. Karen Reichel Smith to your recommended reading list for students exploring a career in nursing.

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