What is “it” that allows one person to come out okay and another to fall short when life throws them curve balls?

The “it” is called resiliency; the ability to bounce back after stressful life events. Life is clearly a crap shoot – with good things and bad things happening to both good and bad people. The more bad things, the more important the protective factors.

As nurses, we have the opportunity to intervene at the stress points in peoples’ lives. For those who work with children, youth or young adults, you might be able to be that one supportive mentor that restored a broken self-esteem by pointing out strengths or encouraged connectivity to something positive in their community. While it’s too late to prevent the addictive behaviors or chronic illness in the traumatized adults, nurses can encourage them to get some mental health counseling to improve their resiliency in the future.

Chart – view on full screen. Used for counseling with those who tend to minimize their issues and not realize their risks for or connections to negative outcomes.