journey of journaling

Writing is good for our souls.  It is cleansing and enhances our insight into ourselves, our situations, and our past experiences.

When we take the time to write and reflect, we can be more forgiving of ourselves and others.  Whatever is left, we can give to God.  Like those feelings of inadequacy and regrets.  Our fatigue and burn-out.  That burgeoning feeling of indifference or harsh critique towards those patients who frustrate us when they won’t help themselves or give up their addictions that make them unhealthy.

Journaling lets us take that deep breath into our spirit before we submerge again into the forever broken health care system ~ and shine our tiny God-given light into the dark ocean of the hurting.

I started journaling in the midst of a flurry of patient deaths in my first year of nursing.  I haven’t stopped..

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